Quality Inspection
Inspection Equipment
1. Fully Automated Deep Drawing Cup Tester
2. Intelligent Electronic Tensile Tester
3. MOCON WVTR Tester
4. PerkinElmer Gas Chromatography
5. Thermo Scientific Infrared Spectrophotometer
6. Stability Testing Equipment
7. Paper Core Crushing Tester
8. Inline Print Inspection System
Inspection Process in Action
QA using advanced WVTR tester to check water vapor transmission rate.
Inspectors using gas chromatography system to calculate the residual solvent.
A deep drawing cup test is being done on the 50um-thick aluminum foil.
Operators using a coefficient of friction tester on our PE film
Operators using a paper core crushing tester to check the compressive strength
  • ISRA In-Process, Camera-Based Inspection System
  • Onsite Pinhole testing

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