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As a customer-focused company, Haishun persistently strives to be a reliable blister packaging materials supplier. Our range of blister foils and films includes cold-form foils, child-resistant blister foils, Alcar®/PVC films, strip pack laminates, suppository packaging, and tropical foils. We are so proud to supply our products to such well-known pharmaceutical enterprises as AstraZeneca, Takeda, Bayer HealthCare, Yunnan Baiyao, etc.

Value-Added Service
1. Blister Packaging Machines

1) Packaging test room (cleanroom).
2) Multifunctional blister packaging machine:
△Can produce both cold formed foil and tropical blister foil
△Mould design meets all the special needs of customers’ online packaging test
3) Aclar packaging machine strictly complies with Honeywell’s specifications
4) Inline pinhole inspection device

2. Punch Test
Packaging test for every lot before shipment (simulate customers condition, run speed, etc.)

3. State of art test devices

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