For tablet, capsule

As one of the best high-barrier composite packaging materials available on the market, Haishun cold-form foil can be supplied without delamination and crack. For packaging moisture-sensitive drugs, this aluminum-based laminates could be the best bet.

Haishun has purchased printing-coating equipment from Japan and is able to perform in house heat sealing and primer coating operations for total quality control. Lidding foil is most often used in combination with PVC films to make up a complete blister where tablets, pills and capsules are nestled. More recently, the press-through foil has also found its place in blister packs for packaging bubble gums, chocolates and candies.

Excellent chemical stability, superior moisture barrier, and an attractive appearance make Aclar® film a customer favorite for blister packs.

By adding a second layer of film to the base aluminum foil, Haishun has created this child-resistant packaging that makes it difficult to open for children but still can be easily handled by adults.

Due to its excellent malleability, our laminated aluminum foil can pack a variety of sizes, surface roughness and heat sealing temperatures of capsules, tablets, and pills. It performs reliably and consistently on strip packing lines and can be printed in different colors according to customer requirements.

PVC/PVDC films are suitable for making the forming layer of a blister pack for packaging pills, tablets, capsule, etc.

For high-end medication items, the tropical foil not only provides a perfect barrier to water vapor, oxygen and UV rays, but it also can be printed with medication information, all while costing less to manufacture than a cold-form foil. It gives your medicinal product an upscale look as well as a huge cost savings.

Composite films are well suited to packing powders, tablets, granules, capsules, pastes, liquids and blister packs. Uniform thickness, high flatness, contamination resistance, high mechanical strength, and low heat sealing temperature requirement allow this flexible packaging material to run on various packaging equipment. Aluminum coating gives the film a shiny look and also the ability to withstand bend. Printing machines also work well on the composite film, creating clear, colorful graphics.

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