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Tropical Blister Foil

Tropical blister foil or tropical blister laminate layer, whatever it is called, it represents the same blister packaging material and is used to make a flexible foil pouch into which a blister pack might be inserted. This final packaging process is often done on a high-output blister packing line.

Construction of Tropical Foil
oPA25/AL65/HSL, oPA25/AL75/HSL

Characteristics of Tropical Foil
1. Tropical blister foil creates a resistant barrier to light, mositure, oxygen and other gases, allowing a longer shelf life. Well suited for use in tropical zones.
2. Heat sealed with PVC. Often used a secondary forming layer of the blister pack, and thus does not get in direct contact with the product.
3. A smooth attractive appearance adds to the value of medicinal products.
4. Highly strong and formable tropical foil is easy to heal seal and can be run at faster speeds on a packaging machine.

Material Composition

Applications for Tropical Blister Foil
Perform consistently and reliably for wrapping blister packs

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