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PVC/Aclar® Film

Aclar® is a registered trade mark of Honeywell. Aclar® films start life as mined fluorspar which is then converted to CTFE monomer, on to PCTFE resin preparation and finally film extrusion which is performed in Honeywell's plant in Pennsylvania USA.

Technical Support
Aclar® film is 100% sourced from Honeywell who also provides technical support and material assurance ensuring that Aclar®/PVC laminates from Haishun are qualitatively the same as those produced in the USA or Europe.

Construction of Aclar® PVC Laminate Film
ACLAR/PVC250, available in transparent, white or brown colors.

Features of Alcar® Film
Alcar® PVC film is a powerful barrier against moisture and UV rays. Superior chemical stability, corrosion resistance and an attractive appearance make Alcar film the choice material for making thermo-forming blister packs.

Applications for Alcar® Film
This film is well suited to packaging tablets and capsules that are sensitive to water vapor and ultraviolet rays.

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