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Cold-Form Foil for Cold-Forming Blister Packs

Choosing the right cold-form foil manufacturer is very important! Haishun is a world-class manufacturer that you may source from with peace of mind as quality is of paramount importance and ensures the safety and efficacy of your medicinal product.

After years of research and development, Haishun has developed its own techniques and intellectual-property ensuring unbeatable mechanical and performance properties closely controlled all the way through the manufacturing process. Haishun's foils and films is market leader for good reason and supplies the whole blister. In-house printing capabilities are at your disposal.

Construction of Cold Form Foil
oPA25/AL45/PVC60, oPA25/AL47/PVC60, oPA25/AL50/PVC60, oPA25/AL65/PVC60, oPA25/AL50/PVC100, oPA25/AL65/PVC100

Advantages of Cold Form Foil
1. Ultimate product protection against light, moisture, oxygen and gas

2. Highest delamination resistance

3. Excellent deep-drawing performance.

4. Optimum deep drawing capacity

5. Customized for customer specific needs

Material Composition
Construction oPA25/AL50/PVC60 oPA25/AL65/PVC60
Grammage 253 294
Applications For smaller blister cavities For bigger blister cavities

This aluminum laminate is an alternative to PVC in making blister packs for packaging tablets, capsules and pills, etc.

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